We start out in Kenya in 1980. A crow flies into a house. A maid runs down to call a taxi and takes a man who ends up on a flight.

He has boils on his face and starts vomiting into a bag. He ends up in a hospital.

He vomits all over Dr. Musoke.

At USAMRIID a vial of Musoke's blood is put into a freezer in a biohazard level 4 facility.

It's now 1989 and Dr. Jaax is pulling out a turkey from the oven. She accidentally cuts herself and it is taken care of. Her family is gathered including her husband, Jerry.

The TV news is running a report on the AIDS epidemic.

Dr. Jaax is in the garage talking to her husband about her father who is very ill.

A delivery driver leaves a container at the garage of the USAMRIID facility.

Dr. Jaax talks to her kids about the AIDS epidemic and misinformation.

Dr. Jaax arrives at work and sees the delivery left by the driver. It's a monkey spleen wrapped in tin foil. She examines it. She thinks its Simian fever while her associate examines the cell.

Peter Jahrling comes to Jaax's office while Ben is looking at the cell and calls them over. Jaax examines the cell.

Jaax decides to take the sample to Level 4 while Jahrling thinks something less deadly infiltrated the sample and will examine it.

Jaax calls her mentor Wade Carter for help, but he doesn't answer. She believes the monkey sample may be a filovirus. After she hangs up he deletes the message.

Jaax visits a Level 4 training room looking for Captain Ormond. She takes him to the faciliy to examine the virus.

Jahrling in on the phone with Walter about the botched sample that he thinks still is Simian fever and tells Walter to isolate the other monkeys. Walter calls his guy and tells him to isolate the monkeys.

Jaax continues her testing. Jahrling talks to Ben.

Jaax and Ormond prepare to go into Level 4 lab. She gives him instructions. They enter Level 4 and start working on the sample.

They examine the virus but it shows negative for Marburg.

Jahrling realizes that the sample isn't contaminated with what he thought.

Jaax takes out an Ebola sample to test. Ormond tells her she's got a hole. He has to stay while she decontaminates.

The cut she got earlier seems to be breached and she's put into isolation. Her boss is angry because she went into Level 4 with a cut. She tells them she thinks it's Ebola. Jahrling disagrees. Her boss suspends her from Level 4 and puts Jahrling in charge.

Jahrling is at a bar.

Jaax is released and meets Jerry outside. She doesn't want to go home and wants to do some more tests and find another monkey to sample.

She goes to a facility for the monkeys but he's not convinced yet scared it's something more and agrees to meet her off site and brings her a monkey sample.

She orders him to follow her in case there's a breach in the monkey bags.

Carter listens to a message from Jaax about the filovirus.

The Hot Zone
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The Hot Zone Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Jaax: SHF doesn't kill cells like this.
Ben: That's what I'm saying.
Dr. Jaax: There's only a few things in the world that could do this.
Jahrling: User error?

Jason: Have you ever seen AIDS?
Jaime: Mom doesn't see human patients. Besides, Tammy's mom says all the AIDS are in New York --
Dr. Jaax: -- Um, Tami's mom believes that Falcon Crest is a real place. Let's just stick to science. Facts only.