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Carol and Phil drive around in a military airplane, heading to the supermarket. Carol runs in and grabs tequila as Phil fiddles with the airplane controls, accidentally releasing a (for now, inert) bomb. They argue for a minute about whether to go outside and retrieve the bomb, but eventually agree to leave it behind when Carol expresses she's just glad that Phil offered to go back and get it. 

Carol and Phil lie submerged, drinking out of one of Phil's tequila kiddie pools in the White House. They play around in the White House, rollerblading, goofing around with the presidential busts in front of the presidential portraits. Phil also gives a fake press conference at the White House podium, answering fake questions "from" his group of balls and athletic equipment.

Carol, meanwhile, tries on a bunch of first lady outfits, making jokes about each of the first ladies.

Carol and Phil have sex that night, talking through it in vote euphemisms.

The couple discusses whether they want to continue living in the White House. Carol expresses that it doesn't feel "right," that it isn't their home. Phil points out that they've been to many other famous landmarks and she's said the same thing. Finally he acquiesces, saying that the search continues, and goes to bed. As Phil sleeps, Carol looks through her book of drawings of their adventures, pausing and looking sadly at a picture she drew of the "Tucson Crew."

Meanwhile, in orbit around Earth, Mike Miller (Phil's brother) continues using his telescope to try to find any living people on Earth. Mike converses with his worm companions named Terry and Nancy, eventually deciding to just masturbate instead when the worms don't respond.

Phil drives a blind-folded Carol to her old apartment in Delaware to surprise her. Carol gives him the tour of her apartment, showing off her pictures of her knitting group, roommates and parents. She also shows Phil her roommates' old rooms, and finally her room, which is covered with crafts made by her as tributes to her friends and family members who died from the humanity-eradicating virus.

In bed that night, Carol thanks Phil for the surprise but expresses that Delaware is not where she wants to settle because there isn't anyone there anymore. Phil expresses dismay and tells her that there isn't anyone anywhere. Carol implies that Tucson still has people, and Phil gets very angry, reiterating that the implication when other Phil abandoned him in the desert was that if he came back, other Phil would kill him. Phil insists that he will not go back to Tucson, and they get into an argument about it. Carol storms out to go sleep in Bernice's room.

Still orbiting Earth, Mike looks at the descent module of the spacecraft. He insists to the worms that he doesn't know how to fly the descent module, commenting that he's a scientist and not a pilot. He also brings up the fact that if he goes down he'll die of the virus and then there will be no one to take care of the worms. He notices that Nancy the worm has died.

Carol and Phil, back on earth, drive in their RV past one of Phil's 'Alive in Tucson' signs. Upset, Carol goes to take a nap in the back of the RV.

When Phil stops to fill the RV up with gas in Oklahoma, he has a one-sided conversation with the golf ball about how upset he is with Carol for her pickiness in their choice of a home. Carol goes inside the rest stop store without telling Phil where she's going, where she decides to bedazzle a shirt. She shouts to Phil that she'll be right out, but he doesn't hear her and proceeds to drive away. She runs outside, shouting after him, and shoots off several gunshots to get his attention. The shots blend in with the music Phil is listening to, and he continues to drive away.

Phil drives past a sign for the world's largest plate. Noting that Carol would want to see it, he goes to tell her (despite his anger at her being a "turd") and notices that she is gone. Phil tries to recall where they last stopped. He remembers that it was a Speedy Pump gas station in Oklahoma and figures he will just drive on the same road until he passes a Speedy Pump with a red truck outside. As he drives, he passes many Speedy Pumps. He drives for 2 days before finally finding what he thinks is the right Speedy Pump. He expresses sadness that he screwed up and lost Carol, commenting that it's just him and his ball, now.

In orbit, Mike releases Nancy the worm into space, commenting that now it's just him and Terry the worm.

On earth, Phil goes to look for Carol but she is no longer at the Speedy Pump. He shouts for her and shoots of a few shots to get her attention.

After five days of waiting for Carol to turn up, Phi has a look at her book of drawings. Spotting her drawing of the Tucson Crew, he realizes that she must be in Tucson.

Phil tries to psych himself up for confronting the Tucson crew, but ends up just dressing in camouflage and sneaking up. As he sneaks up, he notices the houses where the Tucson crew used to live appear to have been abandoned and his old house has been torched. He wanders through the house in shock, picking up an old photograph of his family and wonders where Carol and everybody else is.

Mike, in orbit, stares out the window of the spacecraft.

Phil sits on the couch in Tucson, alone.

Carol, sitting alone in front of the non-Speedy Pump gas station where Phil left her, shoots off a few shots in an attempt to attract Phil's attention, should he be nearby.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Carol: We should go back and get that bomb...
Phil: Carol... I knew you were gonna say that. I don't know how to put a bomb back in that little thingy!
Carol: We're Americans, we put a man on the moon!
Phil: Fine, if you wanna go back and get the bomb, we'll go back and get the bomb.
Carol: That won't be necessary, Phil, it's fine. Just the fact that you offered is good enough for me.

(to herself) Hm. Nice. Could use a little razzmatazz, though. Bam. "Oooh, Carol, where did you get such an expensive T-shirt? In the jewel markets of Monaco?"