Civil War Reenactment - The Librarians
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The three remaining Librarians are still debating over who should be The Librarian. The Clipping Book sends the Librarians off to investigate a ghost sighting in a town called Feud. Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel head to Feud, while Cassandra stays behind to strategize with Jenkins. Jacob explains Feud was called that because of a feud between brothers Carlton and Uriah Loveday.The brothers' mother split her locket between the two boys. The team speculates that the recovery of the second half of the locket is the trigger for the ghost. Jacob and Eve are visited by the ghost of Diana Loveday, Carlton's widow. Cassandra sets up high tea for Jenkins. Janet Hedge won't cancel the re-enactment festival. Jenkins and Cassandra try to find the correspondence of the Brothers of Westfalia. Next the trio meets Milton Loveday, Uriah's son. Next a platoon of Union soldiers marches through. So Eve decides they should steal both sides of the locket. Janet catches the Librarians and Eve trying to steal the locket, and has them arrested. So they break out. The missing letters are in Jenkins' desk. When the locket halves are reunited, the ghosts of Carlton and Uriah Loveday appear, along with platoons of Union and Confederate soldiers. The ghosts possess the townspeople at the festival. Jacob and Ezekiel squabble over the locket, then get possessed by the Loveday brothers. Eve breaks the locket, but it has no effect. Jacob and Ezekiel can't shoot each other, and the townsfolk follow their lead. Then the ghost troops leave. In the war, the brothers made up, but got killed together. Janet admits that she rewrote history to preserve the town of Feud. In the end, Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel are in favor of multiple Librarians, while Jenkins and Cassandra have switched to favoring one. 

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Jenkins, we have to talk!

Cassandra [to Jenkins]

Fighting dragons is one thing, but dealing with supermarkets ...

Jenkins [to Eve]