Cassandra Freezes Up - The Librarians
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Cassandra freezes during battle with an Incan princess. Haunted by her failure, she decides to take a vacation. She heads to Havenport, Ohio, "The Safest Town in America." She rents a room from Karla, who has an introverted teen son Freddy. Cassandra wanders into traffic and almost gets hit by a car. She takes a job at the town library. Freddy tells Cassandra that things are off in Havenport. She tries to sell him on the idea of losing himself in books instead. Cassandra settles in and quickly makes her mark on the town. Councilman Weeks gets a paper cut hanging a poster. On the way out, he stares at a snow globe in a glass case, and the snow globe cracks. Freddy proves to Cassandra that no one can get hurt in Havenport by sticking his arm in a Bunsen burner. Weeks trips crossing the street and starts a chain reaction of accidents. The citizens turn on Cassandra, blaming her for ruining their safe town. Freddie catches Cassandra trying to escape. Freddy's photo reveals there's a fairy in town, but Cassandra knows little about how to deal with fairies. While eluding the townsfolk, they go to the library to research fairies. They manage to summon the fairy, but then Weeks captures it back in the snow globe from which it escaped. He had rescued the fairy 27 years ago, and it granted him one wish. He wished that no one in town would ever get hurt again. Cassandra used the magical Door, and it punctured the fairy's barrier. Freddy breaks the snow globe, which frees the fairy, and it's angry. Cassandra tells the fairy it owes Freddy a wish for freeing it. He wishes it knew fear. Shaken, it shrinks and flies away. Cassandra returns rejuvenated to the Library.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Ezekiel: Who's going to help me inventory the New Artifact room if you go?
Cassandra: By help, you mean do it for you?
Ezekiel: Exactly.

Jenkins [squinting]: What does that say?
Cassandra: It says you need bifocals.