Field of Battle - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 11
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Ringing deafens the Librarians and Eve. Jenkins creates a temporary Tethering. Jenkins explains the Library is separating from reality. Cassandra unrolls the scroll Jenkins used for temporary tethering, and it's a spell for selecting the Librarian. They agree to use the spell. Jenkins gets pulled into the Magic Mirror. All the rest are drawn to flashing red buttons. They push them and find themselves in a forest. The Library in Jenkins' body says they're at the testing grounds, for the Trial of the One. It says it will kill Jenkins if the Librarians don't fight to the death. Each must wear a Ring of Nightmares, to make them confront their deepest fear. Ezekiel is on a road crew. Jacob is attacked by his magic tattoo. Cassandra flashes back to a school trip when she was humiliated. Eve's role is to witness their fates. Cassandra is chased into a deteriorating library. A witch wants to see Jacob's curse. Ezekiel crosses a masked prisoner the others fear. Eve can't help them. The other two Librarians are villains in each LIbrarian's nightmare. All three press the red button and are returned to the testing ground. Then the Library tells each he or she must outmaneuver the other two and press the gold button to save Jenkins. They've forgotten each other. Eve figures out she's trapped in her nightmare as well. The three Librarians are pointing weapons at each other. Eve takes off her ring and transports into the middle of the standoff, then everyone remembers each other. The Library tells Eve she must choose or he will kill Jenkins. Jenkins gets stabbed in the heart and dies. All three quit as Librarians. Nicole Noone appears. She says she has been behind everything. She has Flynn imprisoned. The Library dissolves, and Eve finds herself in a gray world.

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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

This is better than drawing straws. As much as I hate magic, I hate luck even more.


Jenkins: The Library will revert to what it was originally.
Eve: Which is?
Jenkins: An institute caring only for the protection of its artifacts.