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- Emma gets questioned about the night of Derek's murder.

- Kristen is realizing how different "Sutton" has been acting.

- Sutton learns more about Ethan's history, while at his father's ranch.

- Justin is jealous of Laurel spending time with her new bandmates.

- Emma has a harder time keeping up with Sutton's life and lets Mads in on a huge secret. 

The Lying Game
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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

So where are the horse showers?


Either you're here to introduce me to your new girl or you're in some kind of trouble.

Ethan's dad

The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 16 Music

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The little heroes flight plans for airplanes Flight Plans For Airplanes The Little Heroes iTunes
Julia othmer pull me back Pull Me Back Julia Othmer iTunes
The good mad follow your heart Follow Your Heart The Good Mad iTunes