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- Sutton poses as Emma this week on The Lying Game.

- Kristen argues with Ted and wants to tell Sutton about her birth mother.

- Kristen finds a condom in Laurel's laundry.

- Derek breaks up with Char.

- Sutton tells off Emma's foster mother, Clarice.

- Emma confronts Kristen.

- Sutton goes to a casino party with Lexi to win money for her bus ticket.

- Annie calls Char and tells her she's her aunt.

- Lexi knew it was Sutton pretending to be Emma.

- Kristen and Ted get Sutton's letter.


The Lying Game
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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

C'mon no girl wants to be a drooling idiot when it's her first time.


Sutton: Have you ever noticed what a big stupid mouth I have?
Lexi: Frequently.