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The McCarthy clan is at Arthur and Ronny's teams' basketball game.

Katrina, Gerard's fiance is on the phone talking to her mom about their wedding plans. She hangs up the phone on her mom and Gerard tells Marjorie and Sean that she has been changing her mind everyday about what she wants for the wedding. 

Jackie walks in wearing a red flannel shirt and the family immediately makes fun of her - calling her Lumber-Jackie, Paula Bunion and more. She says she needs to start dressing more appropriately. 

The family notices who the referee is and absolutely hate him. As the game goes on, the McCarthy family can't believe the terrible calls he is making. Even Ronny notices some of the calls seem off. Arthur tells Ronny to go make a scene with the referee to fire up the team, and Ronny tries put quickly gets hit on by the referee Doug. They end up making plans, and yell doing it. Ronny asks him to throw him out of the game. 

Ronny and Doug go out for a drink after the game and Doug finds out Ronny is a McCarthy, telling him that his family is the worst. They talk about their forbidden love and how it might be fun for Doug to be the bad guy. 

Katrina shows up at Marjorie's house and tells Marjorie she thinks that Gerard is cheating on her and if she finds out she is she is leaving him. Marjorie has her fingers crossed that he is cheating on her. She tells Arthur and Sean and she is ready to break out a ticker tape parade to celebrate their impending doom. 

At Ronny's apartment he pulls out some wine and is clearly prepping for a date when his parents arrive. Arthur is very proud of his son for getting himself thrown out of the game so he gives him a whistle (not any special whistle, a whistle he took from the lost and found box). 

Before Ronny can get his parents out of the house, Doug shows up and his parents can't believe they are on a date. Arthur takes the whistle back and they leave. 

The next day Ronny shows up at the McCarthys house and the family gets on his case about dating a referee. The only one who likes him is Jackie, who thinks he is cute. 

Ronny goes so far as to call his family ref-ist, because they won't give Doug a chance. Marjorie invites him over for dinner the next night. 

Gerard has to get going and can't watch the game with Sean. Marjorie is curious about where he is going and Gerard makes up some excuse about needing to return his shoes. Marjorie tells Arthur she thinks its clear that he is cheating on Katrina and she couldn't be happier. 

Doug comes to dinner and the McCarthy family offers backhanded compliments to Doug, except for Gerard. He goes off and tells Doug that he doesn't like him. Katrina walks in and demands to know if Gerard is cheating on him. She brings a duffel bag of his as well and wants him to open it, asking why there is a lock on it. Gerard says he doesn't want to open it in front of his family, but does so, reluctantly. Inside the back is a referee uniform, and we find out that Gerard has been refereeing as a part time job to make money for the wedding. The family doesn't really hold it against Gerard. 

The next game, Ronny and Arthur are being refereed again by Doug. Arthur is trying to be more open minded about referees, but Ronny flashes back to their next date where Doug wouldn't stop talking about his boats. He found out they are not a good match. During the game there were some clear bad calls and Ronny once again calls Doug on it. Ronny breaks up with Doug on the court and Doug ends up throwing Ronny out of the game. 

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The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Marjorie, please we are having a jiffy over here!


I know we hate refs in general, you know because they try to make the game fair and all, but why do we hate this one?