An Unconventional Response - The New Pope
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Sharon Stone visits Pope John. She gives him her shoes as a gift.

She talks to him about gay marriage for Catholics.

At some point she needs to cross her legs and he and his clergy members there turn away.

Voiello has a meeting with his advisor.

Sofia and John Paul talk about the tax problems.

The pope speaks to a crowd by a river chanting "No."

Flashback to Pope's youth.

In present day, a centipede comes out of the box by his bed.

Voiello goes on a day trip with Girolamo to see his parents.

Esther is in a car with Fabiano. She's not in the mood.

A news station airs the breathing of Lenny. It's  now their regular programming.

When they hear him snore, the crowd goes wild.

The advisor is with a Muslim terrorist.

John Paul is upset about the radio broadcast.

Pope John's centipede is on Lenny's hand.







The New Pope
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The New Pope Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sharon Stone: Cant the Bible be upgraded?
Pope John: The Bible isn't an iPhone.

Sharon Stone: Your Holiness.
Pope John: Miss Stone, please. I would be eternally grateful that during the course of our conversation that you avoided the crossing and recrossing of your legs.
Sharon Stone: Sure.