In a Coma
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A nurse is giving Lenny a bath while he's in a coma.

Then she goes to her bed next to him and masturbates.

The nuns are getting ready for bed. The head nun calls a lights out but soon after she leaves, they all get up.

Lenny is getting a heart transplant. The Cardinals are anxiously waiting.

There is a massive amount of people outside The Vatican praying for Lenny.

He all of a sudden wakes up during surgery and surveys the scene -- but he's still in surgery. This is like a spirit version of Lenny.

His transplant didn't take and he remains in a coma.

Voiella is talking with an ambassador to the Vatican about Muslims and their hatred towards Christians.

They discuss getting a new pope.

Later, Ester is giving an interview to a TV reporter. 

Voiello holds a secret meeting in a bamboo forest with some other cardinals to discuss the new pope candidates.

Voiello suggests himself and makes his case.

The cardinals gather at Vatican to discuss a new pope and vote.

Cardinal Hernandez gets the win. Hernandez is also a spitting image of Voiello without the mole.

But that's the first vote. They continue many more times, but Hernandez is still in the lead with Voiello behind in second.

Voiello comes up with a plan and someone named Vigliette starts getting all the votes.

Vigliette wins and becomes Francis II. He's not too bright.

The new pope is introduced to the world.

After a dove steals his speech, he all of a sudden realizes he has power, and takes control telling the crowd the Vatican can open up its doors and take in all the immigrants. He even offers to split the Vatican's wealth with the poor in the spirit of Francis di Assisi.

Francis changes things up and none in the Vatican are happy.

He wants them to live in poverty. He changes all the passwords for the financial structure. Then he fires Voiello as Sec. of State because he fears he's too powerful.

Francis tells Voiello he knows he plotted to get him elected and also tells him he knows everyone's secrets because he heard their confessions.

Voiello and Hernandez plot to displace Francis with Sir John Brannox.

Then Francis drops dead from a heart attack. Lenny starts to move and we are taken to Sir John Brannox -- played by John Malkovich.





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