An Interview - The New Pope
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Sofia is having lunch in the Vatican cafeteria when a preist with a patch on his eyes walks in and sits down with her.

His name is Leopold and he's very odd.

Esther gets money from the lady in charge of the guy (Ignazio) she's servicing. She tells her there are others she could help.

Sofia is becoming suspicious of her husband based on what Leopold told her. She starts investigating.

Voiello is trying to figure out what to do regarding the tax.

The Pope calls out Cardinal Spalletta for gossipping about him. Spaletta explains what's going on. He wants the Pope to fire Voiello.

Voiella meets with Pope John.

Pope tells Sofia to schedule a live television interview.

Voiella tells the nuns that Assente will be the new Secretary of State.

Esther is dancing for men who are disfigured and wouldn't get women otherwise. Lenny's "spirit" is watching.

Esther gets replaced and is fired. Then she kills Ignazio's mother because she doesn't want to let Ignazio go. Apparently Esther is in love with him. Lenny is watching this and she sees him. Ignazio cries as Esther leaves but it's not clear if it's because he knowns what Esther did.

Then Lenny twitches his pinky and Ignazio's mom comes back to life.

The Pope gives his interview.

The interview goes haywire when the pope accidentally sets himself to be questioned about the Church's sex scandals.

Then th ePope gets up and walks out of the interview.

Then the candle next to Lenny's bed goes out and the lights go off.





The New Pope
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The New Pope Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm a whore.


I believe in you, but will you believe in me?

Pope John