Reflecting On The Past - The New Pope
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Flashback. Sir John and his brother are waatcihng a centipede.

Present day. He talks to his butler about the offer. John has a crush on Sofia.

Esther needs money and will find another job.

Sofia and Brannox are watching Easy Rider in his in-home theater.

He tells her one of his favorite people is Marilyn Manson.

Brannox talks to Voiello and the others about an attack in Somalia.

Brannox goes to his parents room and tells him he's going to be the next pope. They're not thrilled and Brannox goes off on them because they won't accept him and love him because they're stuck on Adam.

Flashback to him and Adam as teenagers...they're in seminary.

Present. Brannox goes outside and talks to Adam. Lenny shows up and tells him God doesn't like him either. 

Brannox calls in the Vatican representatives. He tells them he declines their proposal because he's not equal to the task.They're disappointed but Voiello isn't going to give up.

Back at the Vatican, the cardinals do the gavel test on Viglietti to make sure he's really dead. 

Brannox is there in his cardinal attire.

Esther is having a party for her son.

Brannox is voted in as Pope and accepts. He calls himself John Paul III. It was a landslide.

John Paul III gives his speech to the people.

Esther has sex with Fabiano, a guy she met at her son's birthday party.

The sisters appraoch a priest to ask for money to try to get Sister Lisette to see her mother, but he's not willing to because he claims the Vatican is in the midst of a financial crisis. He reports to Voiello that Spalletta bought a Bently. Voiello isn't happy.

John Paul III is doing a photo shoot.

Later, he gives a speech to the Cardinals.

Esther might do a bit of Christian prostitution to make some money.

One of the nuns meets a boy secretly on the grounds.

The nuns give Sister Lisette a tattoo on her back.



The New Pope
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The New Pope Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Sofia: What's she like? The Queen?
Brannox: Enchanting because she's pale. Like you.

Butler: It's Meghan Markle, sir. She doesn't know what to wear.
Sir John: What a nuisance.