A Rescue Mission - The Night Shift
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Shannon treats a patient, Tina, with a large facial deformity. 

Drew is finding being a parent is exhausting. He's sleep deprived so Kenny gives him an easy patient. 

A soldier is MIA due to the false intel given by the mom of TC's patient. 

Jordan and Cain treat a former Marine named Martin who took a major fall. He appears to suffer from PTSD, but he insists he doesn't. 

Scott tells Tina they can remove the thing on her face, but her grandfather bursts in and says she's only 16 and won't consent to surgery. They are Jehovah's Witness. Tina takes a scalpel to her own face and there's a lot of blood. 

Scott fights to keep Tina alive, but it's not looking good. 

Drew tells his patient with stomach problems that his tests are negative. He's still in pain, so Drew agrees to run the tests again. 

Jordan asks Mac for help with her patient. 

TC's rescue mission is successful, but another soldier is shot and lost a lot of blood. 

Drew discovers his patient is an actor who reviews customer service at hospitals. 

Mac tells Jordan that Martin has a moral injury, which is different from PTSD. She offers Mac a job leading an outreach program. 

Tina miraculously survives. 

TC saves his patient. 


The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kenny: I freakin' hate that guy and his little kit. Guy's always making these wooden carvings for the nurses.
Drew: Good point. What a dick.
Kenny: My point is, it's all a show. I mean who the hell wants these little animal carvings anyway?
Drew: So I guess I shouldn't show you the adorable dolphin he made for Brianna?

Cain: Hey, have you guys seen my wood?
Nurse: Excuse me?
Cain: My wood. It's missing.
Nurse: Vicki, have you seen this man's wood?
Vicki: I certainly have not.
Jordan: Doctor you might wanna, you know, elaborate.