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Jordan and Cain are in bed together. 

TC calls Jordan to tell her he is on his way home. 

Cain and Jordan respond to a fire at a hotel. Cain runs into the burning building to rescue a victim's sister. 

Drew and Mac are training MMA fighters as part of the Vet's support group. One guy gets Kenny in a headlock and he can't feel his feet. 

Paul's sister visits the hospital. 

The girl Cain rescued overdosed on opioids. They tell her sister she needs to get their mom there to consent to treatment. She has a septic knee and a heart murmur. 

Paul's sister Bella comes in to give Kenny a catheter. Scott comes in to tell him he has no fractures in his spine, but he's losing strength in his arms. They rush him to an MRI. 

Scott has to operate on the young girl, despite her mother not arriving yet. 

Kenny comes out of the MRI and he can feel his feet and hands again. 

Shannon finds out the two girls from the fire were being trafficked. The firefighter patient of Jordan's was having sex with the younger girl in a security video. 

Jordan goes to meet TC. They talk about Topher and drive off in his car. 

The vet who hurt Kenny stabs Mac in the parking lot. 

The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jordan: I think we broke at least 100 HR rules.
Cain: We? No, no, no. I'm a resident, you're my boss. You broke the rules.

Mac: He made a mistake with Kenny. He held on too long. You know, stuff happens. It's not chess. Then Drew goes all Jon Jones on him.
Jordan: I'm assuming that's a bad thing.
Mac: Yeah, real bad. Total overreaction.