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We pick up where we left off with Sophia hanging from the cherry picker. She lets go and falls safely to the air bag below. 

TC finds and rescues Syd from her captors. 

Drew brings in Abby and Scott takes her case. She tells them that she had an abortion in Mexico. 

TC is shot in the shoulder. 

Scott discovers that Abby is still pregnant. 

Brie lies about her chest hurting to see Drew. She was worried about him after the roller coaster incident. 

Drew tries to talk Abby into telling her mom the truth. 

Jordan convinces Paul to come back in order to help Sophia. 

Cain treats a patient in cardiac arrest. He puts in a central line without a doctor. Shannon arrives and he says there's no time to page cardio. He walks her through the procedure. 

Scott tells Julian he can't be Paul's dad and boss. He wants to be Paul's boss, but Julian turns him down. 

Shannon makes Cain admit to Jordan that he was an attending. He didn't want to start from scratch as a resident, so he got his nursing license. Jordan is forced to let him go for overstepping with the patient. 

Paul tells Julian he doesn't want any special treatment. He just wants to be another doctor on staff. 

Abby wants to put her baby up for adoption. 

TC tells Syd he wants to stay in Syria. 

Cain is brought back as a resident. 

Julian agrees to let Scott be medical director of the ER and head of the cardiac surgical center. 

Topher was killed in an accident. 

The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jordan: Dear God man, do you even think before you shoot? First of all, Drew is a hero for what he did out there. And second, if you want Paul to come back you need to stop getting in my way by picking fights.
Julian: He hasn't committed yet?
Jordan, No, and he's not going to if you don't stop trying to show him that you're his boss.
Julian: But I am his boss, Jordan. So get him where I'm at, and if you can't, then our deal's off.

Jordan: You're going to need an operation to remove your lips from that man's butt.
Scott: Look, I don't like him either, but he's a necessary evil.
Jordan: So, what? Pucker up, buttercup?