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Drew applied to Ranger school, but hasn't told Rick yet. 

Paul finds out that Kenny is dating his sister. 

TC and Rick are out on a SWAT raid. An explosion goes off and members of the team are injured. 

The hospital is under a cyber attack causing all sorts of issues for the doctors. Jordan says all non-critical care should go to other hospitals despite what Julian wants. 

TC treats an injured officer in the field while under heavy fire. 

The lights go out in the hospital and the back up generators aren't kicking in. Jordan and Shannon struggle to treat their patient. 

Drew and Kenny get stuck in an elevator with a boy who needs surgery. 

Paul brings supplies and lowers the down to Drew and Kenny who are stuck between floors. 

TC and Rick bring the officer to SAM despite being told to divert. They don't have time to go to another hospital.

Shannon's patient admits she started drinking again after several years of sobriety. 

TC treats his patient in the trauma room. They're having trouble finding the bullet. 

Drew must drill into his patient's head, despite the fact he continues to seize. Kenny holds him down and they save him.

Jordan realizes it's not a bullet they're looking for, but splinters of wood from the explosion. 

Julian pays the ransom and gets the power back on. He admits to Scott he doesn't have the money to pay back the loans. 

Drew tells Rick he's going to ranger school. 

Jordan suggests they train battlefield doctors, but needs TC to agree to stay. 

Amira calls TC to say she wants to be with him and wants him to come back to Syria. 

The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Bella: She's right, but dad's not gonna like it.
Paul: Yeah there's a lot of things dad's not gonna like.

Pat: Well I figured out how they got into the system. One of your nurses downloaded a counterfeit copy of Candy Crush from a Romanian website. They used a screen scraper. Stole her passwords.
Cain: They can do that?