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We pick up 48 hours after the blast in Syria and TC has been taken captive. He attempts an escape, and survives another blast. 

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Drew and Jordan plan to lapel out of a helicopter to save Mac in the middle of fires. He's still alive. 

Julian tells Scott that he wants to close the ER and make the hospital a surgery center with his as the face of the hospital. 

TC is rescued and wants to find Syd. 

A patient is brought in who is very aggressive. 

Paul and Kenny bring a patient in. Kenny is back on shift, but Paul is holding his ground. 

The aggressive patient attacks Shannon, new temp nurse Cain, and Kenny jump on him. 

TC treats the man who took him captive, in hopes that he will help him find Syd. 

Scott tries to convince Paul to come back, but he says he can't. 

Kenny puts Cain in his place after he goes against policy. 

Drew and Jordan take Mac to a VA hospital because it's closer than SAM, but they aren't equipped to help. They take him to SAM and bring along the press to ensure that Julian will perform the surgery. 

The aggressive patient comes back down. He's a cellist who says he didn't take drugs. 

Julian tells Jordan he won't operate on Mac unless she and everyone else come back to work, but Topher is not part of the deal. Jordan lies to get the surgery for Mac. 

Paul and Drew respond to an amusement park crisis. 

Kenny and Shannon learn that their patient's food was spiked with drugs by his neighbor. 

Jordan negotiates with Julian. He agrees Topher can come back as a doctor, not an ER chief. 

Drew goes to rescue two girls from a roller coaster. He needs one of them to fall to the mat below, but she's afraid and grabs onto his carriage. He tells her to let go or they'll all die. To be continued! 



The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Cain: Perhaps we should let it work, no?
Shannon: This guy punched Sarah and almost ripped my head off, how much longer do you want to wait?

Paul: Hey Shannon, you got a minute?
Shannon: I haven't had a second to pee.
Paul: Look, just real quick, um -
Shannon: Later, Paul!