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Klaus wondered where Elijah could have disappeared to, so he asked Marcel. They agree that something is not right and join forces to find him. 

Vincent is confronted by The Hollow, who says she will give him all of his power if he joins her. Later, he turns to Freya and Hayley to tell them that the villain is gearing up for her endgame. 

Freya realizes they can use the amulet to keep Elijah's soul in if he dies, but Klaus offers to be the sacrifice to take down The Hollow. 

Haley and Freya reluctantly agree. 

Keelin made Freya promise she would stay safe on the mission. Klaus then opened up about how great Keelin was, before being taken to die. 

Vincent says that Cami would be proud of this new take on his character. 

Later, Marcel got The Hollow out of Sofya's body, but when everyone tried to save Elijah, The Hollow killed him. 

Vincent told everyone to leave town because a war is brewing. 

Hope helped Freya realize that Elijah's spirit was still alive, and somewhere. 

Vincent asked Marcel for the book. 

The Originals
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