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Horace arrives and gives Nichole and Daniel a day to prove that Project NOAH is viable. 

Daniel comes up with a way to communicate with the vampires by entering their minds, but the vampire refuses to play ball when Horace was in the room. 

Later, the vampire controlled Daniel to let him escape. It murdered Daniel right in front of Jonas. 

It then tried to kill Brad, but Amy screamed and it sent the vampire flying away from the situation. 

Fanning managed to cure Elizabeth's Alzheimer's disease and she returned to Jonas. 

Tensions flared up when Clark started lying to Nichole and she wondered whether their relationship was on the line. 

Lacey and Lila seek refuge in a convent but find themselves blindsided when Lila is kidnapped by an unknown assailant. 

Anthony reveals that the only reason he chose to live was to save Amy fro Fanning and the others.

The Passage
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