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In a flashforward, Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan are arguing about going through with something that would a felony. 

Taylor drives away with Alison in her trailer. 

Mona confronts Ray about his name in Mona's system. 

Ava finds a note from her dad with coordinates. 

Ava tells Dylan and Caitlin that they need to lure Mason to Nolan's cabin, drug him, and get his murder confession on tape. 

Taylor tells Alison that her mom knew Alison would find her if she was still alive, which is why she brought Alison to BHU in the first place. 

Ray tells Mona that he's the one who wrote the warning for Taylor on Alison's wall. 

While preparing her fashion show, a picture of Nolan and Dylan together shows up on Ava's projector. 

The show catches up to the earlier flash forward and Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan are fighting about whether they should drug Mason. 

Dana tries to question Mona, but Mona has the upper hand. 

Alison takes Taylor to her house right before receiving Mona's text about not bringing Taylor back. 

Thinking Mason isn't going to show Ava and Dylan leave, but Mason texts Caitlin that he's on his way. 

Dylan's hand starts shaking during his audition, and he has to start over. 

Caitlin takes Mason's phone and knocks him out.

Ava goes to meet her dad, but Dana Booker planted the clues herself to lure Ava out. 

Caitlin calls Dylan and Ava to meet her but gets hit by a car. Dylan calls 911 right as Ava shows up. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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