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Kim enlisted "special friend" Tracy Young's help to lend her moral support when she went back to Jan Smith for vocal lessons.

Sheree decided to further her acting career by auditioning for an agent and getting her head shots done.

50-year-old Peter has developed an irrational annoyance towards Nene to Cynthia's dismay.

Kandi and Sheree decided to race their luxury cars at the local speedway.

Phaedra and Apollo had a professional photo shoot with Aydan. Kim managed to lay down some tracks for "The Ring Don't Mean A Thing" even though the process was torturous for all involved.

The ladies all got together to watch Kandi and Sheree compete in a drag race but tongues start wagging when much to everyone's surprise Kim brings Tracy along.

Just how close are these two really? And 50-year-old Peter completely ignores Nene while at the racetrack which leads to an angry confrontation. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
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