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Nene goes to the plastic surgeon complaining about wanting her "happy" back. 

We're introduced to Kim's parents.

Phaedra & Dwight invite Cynthia & 50-year-old Peter to the Steeplechase horse race. 

Kim wants Kandi to write her next hit song. Kandi's down with it but this time she wants to get paid for her efforts. 

Meanwhile, Sheree attends her new love interest's seminar. Tiy-E "The Love Doctor" Muhammed has written a book about why black women can't land any men.

Sheree is called to sit at an informal panel where she learns she needs to let the man open the ketchup bottle for her and that she'll never meet a man at Payless. 

We get a gander at Phaedra's "high class" baby shower. Wearing what appears to be an entire bush of live rose buds on her head and counterfeit Swarovski crystals as eyeliner, she is the epitome of what Kandi describes as "boughetto", the combination of "bougie" and "ghetto."

Lisa Wu Hartwell makes an appearance and Phaedra nearly kills Kim for arriving late to her shower... hatless no less!

Kim, Kandi and Lisa are stunned speechless at the sight of the ballerinas twirling about and Dwight leading about-to-burst Phaedra in a waltz.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
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