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After being MIA for most of last week's episode, Sheree came roaring back big time. In an Aston Martin no less.

She's also been asked to participate in "Dancing with the Stars of Atlanta," a dance charity event.

Since Sheree's all about giving back, she accepts the challenge and goes about proving to the world she can dance.

Kim shows off her brand new, gold drenched, Napoleonic office to her kids and parents.

She also surprises Ariana with her new $60,000 bedroom. Brielle is fuming. 50-year old Peter surprises Cynthia with a huge ring which elicits about as much reaction from Cynthia as watching paint dry. 

Cynthia promises 50-year old Peter she won't be a runaway bride.  Meanwhile Phaedra starts packing for the impending arrival of her baby with the help of her assistant and a friend.

Labor is being induced (yes, that's her story and she's sticking to it!) and as Phaedra so eloquently put it "this baby is ready to come out of her vagina." All class she is. Sheree starts practicing for her dance debut and from what her partner, Derek Walters, and one of the judges can see, a 2x4 has more style and rhythm. 

Kandi and Lawrence start working in the studio on his "Closet Freak" track. 

Ladyboy Lawrence has a set of pipes on him and can actually sing so Kandi knows that this single will be a hit. She's fed up with Kim's crappy, lazy attitude. Cynthia goes bridal gown shopping with her mom and sister to give her stylist some ideas.

She's a supermodel after all and can't just buy off the rack. She promises Mom and sis she won't be a runaway bride but she is getting overwhelmed by all this wedding business.

Cynthia's afraid of being stuck in a loveless, dependent, controlling, abusive marriage like Mom was and she never wants that for herself. "Dancing with the Stars of Atlanta" arrives as does Sheree in her Aston Martin and her glam team.

These days big "Atlanta stars" prep in public restrooms instead of dressing rooms it seems. While Sheree continues on her delusional journey, her guests begin to arrive. Nene brings Gregg as her "date" and freezes him out for the entire night. Kim drools over Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Kroy Biermann's ass.

Future baby daddy? Nene gets all hot & bothered by "black berry" 50-year-old Peter. Kim tells Kandi she'll get vocal lessons.

Kandi has an 'uh-huh' attitude. Sheree needs to raise $5000 for the event. 

The table decides to donate $20. Wearing a costume that appears to be from Johnny Weir's reject pile, Sheree demonstrates her wooden dance moves and elicits yawns and grimaces. The judges give her high scores proving they must be high. 

Sheree's proud of herself because she moved out of her comfort zone. Exactly how the audience felt...uncomfortable!

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