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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 22, NeNe Leakes prepares for her Broadway debut in Cinderella by taking Gregg and Brentt with her to the theatre before one of her rehearsals. They marvel that she's come so far since her beginning and she heads back to get ready. Two days later, she makes her debut to a packed house and standing ovation. 

Kenya Moore puts the finishing touches on her pilot, Life Twirls on, by recording the voice overs required for the episode. She plans an elaborate screening party to look like a wedding reception, complete with cake and herself in a wedding dress and receives high praise from Kandi Burruss. The ladies enjoy a drama-free evening celebrating Kenya's hard work.

Kandi and Todd have dinner with Kandi's family in Mama Joyce's new home. During dinner, Mama Joyce apologize to Todd for anything she may have said or done to offend him. She says she was only repeating things she had heard and she knows that's not acceptable. Todd doesn't trust that her apology is genuine. Kandi springs the news that they're thinking of living bi-coastally and Riley doesn't receive the news well. 

Peter and Cynthia close the books on the old Bar One and begin renovating the new one. Peter drops the news that he's rented a new storefront for a coffee bar, Peter's Brew, when they get a phone call from Apollo. He still hasn't seen his children.

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