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Brandi gets in between Kim and Kyle at Eileen Davidson's poker party. Kyle and Brandi end up in a shoving match when Brandi won't let Kyle near Kim. Lisa Rinna believes both Kim and Brandi weren't sober. Brandi feels like Kyle is never there for Kim the way she is. 

Later, Kyle finds out that Monty took Kim to the hospital because she was in a lot of pain but they don't know from what. Kyle is still upset from the incident with Brandi and isn't ready to speak to her. 

Lisa Vanderpump returns home from vacation to her six dogs and then Rumpy who has been in training for three months. Rumpy gets a playmate in another Golden Retriever, a new female friend, even though he's been neutered. 

Eileen Davidson visits Lisa Vanderpump and shares her concerns about Kim and Brandi. Then she gets to view Lisa's stunning closet with her altars to purses. 

Yolanda tells Brandi she doesn't believe she should be drinking at these parties but Brandi swears that's not the reason for her issues. Later Eileen tells Brandi that her comments about her home and her cursing at the poker party were upsetting. Brandi apologizes but thinks it's all nonsense. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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