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All of the women are working separately throughout The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 4. Erika joins Eileen on the Young and the Restless, Lisa Rinna is selling her clothing line on GVC, Kyle is casting her new TVLand show based on her life and Lisa Vanderpump is focusing on her dog charity.

Dorit goes to Eileen and Rinna to talk about "pantygate" aka Erika not wearing underwear to the white party. Dorit is clearly upset because her husband pointed out Erika's underwear (or lack of) situation. Rinna thinks it is not a big deal and everyone is judging Erika for her on stage persona, but Dorit insists that Erika should have known to cross her legs during the party. While shopping with Kyle, Dorit decides to buy Erika a tan pair of underwear as a gag gift after the whole situation. 

Erika is less than thrilled about the gift, and thinks that Dorit is making a big deal out of nothing. She also believes that Dorit thinks she didn't wear underwear on purpose, which Erika claims is not true. It was about her fashion and not about anyone else's husband. 

The women go to the "escape room" and try to work on puzzles together as a bonding activity, but afterwards, it comes back to pantygate.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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