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After Erika's birthday party, Lisa Rinna and Kyle catch up and Rinna tells her she is ready to move on with Lisa Vanderpump. Vanderpump, on the other hand, is not so sure Rinna or Eileen are genuine, but does not want to influence new housewife and friend Dorit's opinion on the ladies. Eileen and Erika Jayne are both too busy at work to participate in party recaps. Eileen is filming a special for Young and the Restless and Erika Jayne is picking out new dancers for her music video.

Dorit has anxiety because she let her husband and party planner plan her 40th birthday party. At the party, Rinna tries to give Vanderpump a compliment, but she is not having it. Meanwhile, Eileen takes a more subtle approach and just tries to be cordial. When Vanderpump offers condolences to Eileen because her mother died, Eileen thought Lisa might be apologizing for bringing up her affair in the Hamptons last season. Vanderpump explains that she already said sorry and not to expect another apology.

Rinna apologizes for "being so hard on Lisa Vanderpump," and the two agree to move on. Dorit's husband PK gets her approval for throwing a great party, and gives a speech about how much he loves her at the end of the evening.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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