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Bethenny gives Carole a tour of her apartment while it is under construction. Carole tells her all about the end of Kristen’s Diamond and Denim prep party. Bethenny is down the middle of who is to blame. She can see why LuAnn was upset. 

Carole is a little worried about bringing Dorinda with her to London to pick up her husband’s ashes after Dorinda’s outburst against Heather at the party. Dorinda apologizes to Heather but feels that Heather is arrogant when she accepts it. 

Kristen throws the Diamond and Denim charity event for Smile Train. Ramona is ticked off because Heather’s Yummy jeans logo is everywhere but Ramona’s True Faith logo is no where to be seen and her necklaces are adorning the jeans. When she broaches the subject with Heather, she acts as though Ramona is being ridiculous. 

Heather’s son Jackson celebrates his 10th birthday and Kristen and Josh go all out for his present. 

Carole, Dorinda, and Heather go to a psychic who reads the remnants of their Turkish coffee. She says that someone from Carole’s past is coming back and tells a story about Carole and her late husband’s old jeep. Carole claims she never shared that story with anyone. The psychic tells Heather that her son’s surgery will go well. She also brings up the strange balloon that floated through Dorinda’s home after her husband died. 

Bethenny sees her therapist. She says she’s enjoying being around these ladies. 

Carole is throwing her first dinner party at her apartment where she’s lived for ten years. Adam cooks the meal and all goes well but Carole hasn’t told him that the reason she’s going to London is to pick up her late husband’s ashes.

Carole and Dorinda wait for their flight and bond over stories of losing their spouses. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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