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Lucy inserts herself into Jackson and Sterling’s date nights because she’s hesitant to date again. Jackson has to tell her that he and his boyfriend needs some alone time. When Emmitt, a paramedic, asks Lucy out, she balks. She tries to talk to Bradford about it and realizes that he blames himself for pushing her towards Caleb. She assures him that there was no reason to suspect Caleb at the time and she doesn’t blame him. 


Later, Lucy tells Emmett that her personal life is complicated. He assures her that when it becomes uncomplicated, he’ll still be interested. 


Det. Calderon reacts with hostility to Officer Lopez at the scene of a homicide. She’s angry because Lopez is dating Wesley, the public defender who got a homicide suspect off on a technicality. Lopez tells her that she should have made sure her case was air tight. 


Lopez uncovers evidence that points to the real killer. Calderon lets her take the lead in the interrogation and Lopez gets a confession. The two call a truce and Calderon even offers to get Lopez back on the fast track to becoming a detective. 


Bianca, Nolan’s criminal informant, just got her 30 day chip for being clean but Nolan and Harper find her making a drug deal. She tries to use information about a huge Fentanyl score being done through Ripper. 


DEA Agent Micheal Banks stops the LAPD from arresting Ripper because they already have an open operation surveilling him. Ripper has stolen over 20 kilos of uncut Fentanyl from a Mexican cartel but the DEA doesn’t know where he’s storing it.  


Agent Banks wants to send Bianca in undercover to get Ripper to sell to their undercover DEA agent but Nolan pulls the plug when he realizes Bianca isn’t ready and is doing this because she has misplaced feelings for him.


Agent Banks and Officer Harper come up with a new plan. Harper will go in as Crystal with Nolan playing the role of her boyfriend who knows the buyer. Ripper is ready to do a deal the next day but Bianca shows up on his door and tells him the cops are on to him. 


Ripper takes Bianca in his SUV and takes off while Harper, Nolan, and Banks enter the house and take fire. Bradford and Chen follow the SUV but another one of Ripper’s associates rams their vehicle. Everyone is okay but they lose Ripper and Bianca.


Nolan and Harper find the information for Ripper’s phone and track him. They get Ripper and the drugs, but Harper’s long time cover as Crystal is blown and Nolan arrests Bianca. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Nolan: I can tell what you’re thinking.
Harper: Doubt it.
Nolan: You’re working out how to kill me without your body cam catching it.
Harper: Yeah, actually, that is what I was thinking.

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