Young Eli Rides - The Son Season 1 Episode 4
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Young Eli is riding with Toshaway and his warriors. They come across a herd of dead buffalo who have been skinned and left for dead.

The Texas Rangers chase after them, guns blazing. Indians are killed.

In 1915 Maria tells Pete about the bandits plans with the picks and axes from Pedro. He tells this to his dad who brings in a Texas Ranger. They put together a posse to find the bandits.

Pete prepares to leave. Sally doesn't want him going, but he goes anyway. His son wants to tag along, but Pete says no.

The posse leaves and enters the Garcia's land.

There is a memorial for Cesar and one of the Garcias goes off on a McCullough boy.

Pete and posse are hiding waiting for bandits when Charles shows up. Pete is not happy. He wants him to do home, but Eli convinces Pete he should stay to keep from getting caught.

The posse finds the stash of picks and axes hidden by the bandits to derail the train. They set up camp.

Young Eli is separated from the tribe. He comes across one of the warriors. His horse fell on his leg. The horse was shot. The Rangers ride by. Eli helps the warrior to his horse. The other horse is dying and Eli puts him out of his misery as the Indian watches. They head back to camp.

The Indian starts singing the death song, but Eli doesn't know what he's singing.

Back in 1915, the posse is building at a trap. At a break, Pete tells Eli he's worried about Charles. Eli wants to know who told him about the attack. Then he asks about Maria. He talks about how if Eli wouldn't have been with Sally, he would've married Maria. Apparently, Eli introduced Sally to Pete. Eli tells Pete he could have said no and married Maria.

Neptune is the only black man in the posse. The rest of the posse allows him to sit with them. Lewis isn't too happy but shares his bottle with Neptune. Charles tries to break the uncomfortableness by asking to hear more stories. They talk about Neptune's experience with the army.

Mr. Gilbert asks if Neptune's his people in Africa are savages. Neptune says he has no idea about Africa.

Pete wants Charles to stay away from Niles Gilbert. He doesn't want him to be involved in the ambush.

Sally is looking for Charles. Jeannie is playing piano, but she's not very good. Sally has her other son play the piano. he's very good.

The boy wants to know why the Garcias are blaming them for Cesar's death. He thinks Eli may have done something. Jeannie defends his grandfather.

Young Eli approaches camp with the sick Indian. The Indian died. Late, Toshaway thanks Eli for helping the warrior to not be alone in death. Toshaway shares a pipe with Eli. 

A Mexican woman is crossing the river as the posse watches hidden in the brush. She flashes a signal after she gets across and Pete takes her down. The rest of the bandit crew prepare to cross the river. Eli and his men are ready. 

As soon as some of the men cross, the ambush shooting begins. The Mexicans have a lot of men. A lot more than the posse has. Neptune has an automatic weapon that he masters and begins to massacre the Mexicans.

The Mexicans retreat.

Eli and the posse celebrate their victory, but they forgot about the woman and she shoots Sonny before Pete kills her dead. Sonny didn't die. 

Niles takes a picture with the dead Mexicans, even the dead woman.

Back at Pete's place, the posse enjoys dinner and drinks.

Sally asks Pete about what happened. Pete is reluctant to share and basically shuts down.




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The Son Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Pete: Think I want this? I don't have a choice.
Sally: Why not?
Pete: Because I'm his son.

The first person to ever shoot me was a Texas Ranger.