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Young Eli is fishing and kills a turkey for dinner. He's being watched by Indians. He takes the food home and his mother cooks it up.

The family is attacked by Indians. His sister and mother are killed while he and his brother are strapped to horses and taken away. The Indians burn the family's house.

In 1915 Eli is watching his son remove a hanged man from a tree. He takes his granddaughter, Jeannie, for a walk while Pete removes the body and puts it in the truck. They head back to the ranch.

Pete tells Sally how they came upon the body. She wants to cancel Eli's party but Pete says no.

Jeannie brings her grandfather a drink and he tells her a little bit about the party tonight.

Pete brings the body into town to the sheriff's office.Turns out the man worked for Garcia, another rancher. Pete stops in a bar for a drink where he finds out from Niles Gilbert, the bartender, that the dead man supposedly was running with the Mexican seditionists.

Pete reports back to his father and gives him the information.

At the Garcia ranch Maria talks to her husband and tries to convince him to go to Eli's party. Cesar won't have any of it. Pedro talks to him and lets him know where he stands. Cesar argues about the seditionists and the rightfulness of it. The Garcia's head to the party.

People are having a good time at the McCullough Ranch. Phineas McCullough arrives and gives Sally a gift. He goes upstairs to talk with his father. He asks about the Comaches who were sitting on the porch. Pete is there too. Phineas is the one who's got the sales pitch to sell oil that might be under the land.

Pete thinks his dad and brother are swindling the bankers. Eli has faith that there is oil under the land even though they haven't searched for any yet. He wants to save his ranch and keep his empire going which is why he's trying to work out these deals. His sons leave and he puts an Indian talisman in his jacket then heads downstairs.

Eli comes down and welcomes the Garcias. Eli isn't very friendly, but Pete picks up the slack. Pedro gives Eli a gold coin.

Pete and Pedro go out and talk. 

Young Eli watches as his brother is killed by the Comanches.

At the party someone is trying to steal some cattle. Eli and his sons and a few men chase after the man who appears to be one of Pedro's men.

Eli is going to kill him, but Pete talks him out of it.






The Son
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The Son Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sally: Should we cancel this party?
Pete: We can't. We gotta show the world south Texas is a great place to do business.

Great goddamned way to start a birthday party.