Eli Contemplates - The Son Season 1 Episode 8
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Pete tries to convince Maria to stay at his house. She's unsure. He tells her it's over between him and Maria.

Charges the Enemy is bringing in a herd of horses. Eli isn't with him. Toshaway questions him and Charges the Enemy tells him he let Eli escape if he gave him all the horses. Toshaway doesn't believe him.

At a brothel the Madame is getting her girls ready for a party. She says that Eli might be there. One girl is particularly interested in him. The after party is called a honey hunt.

Eli is in San Antonio with Phineas at a sporting club. He tells Phineas about the oil.  Eli tells Phineas the plan on how to get the land from Pedro.

Pete is cooking dinner for Maria and talking to her about him and Sally and the future.

Prairie Flower talks to Toshaway about Eli ad she learns that her father accepted Charges the Enemy's gift. She's to be married. She confronts her father. There is no choice and she's not happy. 

Phineas talks to a judge to alter some papers. They're offering a bribe to show that Garcia didn't pay his taxes so that the land will go to sale. The judge agrees.

Maria asks why Pete married Sally. She says she doesn't think she can have kids.

Ingrid talks to Prairie Flower about Eli. Prairie Flower leaves to go look for Eli.

Maria tells Pete that her husband left her because she couldn't get pregnant.

The ladies from the brothel arrive at the honey hunt. Phineas runs into one of the honey's while he was looking for Eli. He's being molested by the woman. He's not too thrilled.

The woman interested in Eli earlier pulls a gun on Eli because he killed their entire village. She shoots him as he tries to get closer. Eli is shot, but he tries to get up to get help for himself. He starts hallucinating. When Phineas finds him he doesn't tell Phineas the truth about who shot him.

Charges the Enemy finds Prairie Flower. She agrees to go back with him and marry.

Pete asks Maria to leave with him to Montana. She tells him she's not running off with a married man.

Pedro visits Pete and confronts him about Maria. He threatens Pete.

Prairie Flowers dad looks over the horses. She's being prepared for marriage. 

Eli is taken to a doctor.





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The Son Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pete: Sally and I are over. There's nothing left between us.
Maria: I've heard this kind of talk before.
Pete: I mean it. It's different. I promise.

White People lie all the time. It's all they know how to do.

Charges the Enemy