Questioning His Loyalties - The Son
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Sally confronts Pete about the pictures of the ambush. They have an argument about the ambush. She wants off the ranch.

Young Eli has been in captivity for six months.  He learns there is no buffalo to eat because they can't find any. He listens in on the Indians talking. Toshaway sees him but says nothing.  Toshaway is challenged by Charges the Enemy, but quickly cuts him down. 

Young Eli is asleep when Toshaway wakes him up.  He wants to help them fight the Tonks. The Indians prepare to fight and Toshaway paints him like a fighting Comanche. They head to battle. 

In 1915, Pete confronts his father. He wants to sell the ranch and leave the fighting. Eli is not happy. He and Jeannie go on a horse ride.

They run into Ramon who is with Eduardo, his "cousin" and looking for a job, but he's a seditionist and Eli knows it. He shoots him down. Ramon tells Eli the seditionists are about to attack the ranch. He sends Ramon to the ranch and sends Jeannie to the Garcias' ranch for help.

The seditionist leader talks to his men and shows them the ambush picture. He wants the McCulloughs dead and they head towards the ranch.

Back in 1849, the Comanche are at the Tonks' camp ready to fight. Toshaway sends young Eli to check the camp because the camp has black magic around it.

Young Eli goes into the camp but finds everyone in the camp dead. He comes across one live Tonk who looks diseased. The man has small pox and is dying. He tells young Eli to take his horses and blanket and kill the Comanche for killing his family.

Jonas is playing the piano. Sally goes into the shed looking for the croquet set. Jonas comes in to talk to his mother when the seditionists infiltrate the ranch shooting. A stray bullet breaks the shed's window and hits Jonas. 

Sally tries to stop the bleeding, but has to crouch down because of the shooting outside. She tries to comfort Jonas. Pete is looking for Sally and Jonas at the house, but he can't get out to look for them.

Jeannie arrives at the Garcia ranch looking for help. There is no urgency as they have Jeannie wait outside while Maria calls the sheriff's office. No one is there to answer. 

It's getting out of hand at the ranch. There are too many seditionists. Charles is fighting too. 

Maria is asking Pedro to help the McCulloughs but he's not interested in helping because of his relationship to the seditionists. He needs to protect his own family and not get involved in the war.

Back in the shed, Sally prepares to take Jonas out to get him help. She puts him in a wheelbarrow and runs out but the wheelbarrow falls over when it gets stuck in the mud. They are confronted by a seditionist who lets them go. He gets shot by Eli. He orders her to get inside and carries Jonas inside.

The seditionists keep coming.

They find tom Sullivan has been killed. Pete goes to help Sally with Jonas while Charles and Eli go after the seditionists.  The men start blocking the entrances to the house. They seditionists try to enter the house when the Garcias show up to fight off the seditionists.

Pedro asks if they can come inside.  Pedro tells him they fought the seditionists off and tells them they are safe.

Back in 1849, young Eli gets into the water and tells them about the small pox as he is washing himself off. He talks to Prairie Flower about it later that night.

At the ranch, Jonas is taken to a medical center. Eli thanks Pedro for his help. Jeannie arrives with Maria. Pete thanks her for helping save them. Jeannie finds her grandpa and thanks her for his help. 

Jeannie's horse comes back with oil on his hooves. Eli wants to know how she got to the Garcia's. Is the oil on his land or theirs?


The Son
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The Son Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You wanna raise your kids in peace? Try to find a way to change human nature.


Pete: Sally, what do you want me to do?
Sally: Take responsibility for me and your kids. Put us before your cows.