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Jedikiah opens up to Stephen and reveals a labyrinth of secrets he's been hiding for years to keep Stephen safe. Turns out he planned everything from John killing Roger to Stephen getting turned by Ultra so that he could destroy the Founder and stop the war between both factions. Jedikiah enlists Stephen and John's help to kill the Founder, which Stephen looking for the Founder's daughter. 

Meanwhile Cara finds a new breakout who turns out to be her sister. When she realizes she'd like to give her sister the chance at a peaceful life, Cara has no problem with John killing the Founder. But when Stephen and John attempt to do the deed, the Founder tells them that Jedikiah is the one who is lying. Which one is telling the truth? No one knows.

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Sophie: We were seconds away from being road kill. How are you so calm?
Cara: Practice

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A life for a life. What do you say?