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The Founder makes good on his promise of peace and offers the Tomorrow People a truce. Cara sends Russell in to negotiate and meanwhile tries to get inside the mind of Hillary to see if Stephen's new girlfriend is on the up-and-up. Russell comes back with good news and soon the paranormals are partying down with Ultra agents. 

Meanwhile, John helps Jedikiah keep watch over Roger's body as the Founder draws closer to their location. When they are compromised, they have no choice but to pull Roger out of stasis and take him underground. Marla is recruited to help with repairing the damage from the bullet, but Stephen needs to step into the machine again to guide his father home. 

In an intense race to the finish, Stephen manages to get his father back and Roger's heart begins beating. But after the celebration, the truth comes out when Hillary returns to the Founder and reports everything she witnessed. It seems the Founder wanted Stephen to do exactly what he did. 

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

I was thinking I could come over and we could approach training from a different angle.


Stephen: If I get there, is it possible to get back?
The Founder: Why would anyone want to come back from paradise?