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With Jedikiah still on the run, Bathory takes over Ultra and declares there will be no more hunting of paranormals. But when a new breakout uses his powers to thrill and confuse people at his magic shows, the new Ultra leader does everything he can to have the man captured. In the end, the break out is released with a warning, but Bathory's intentions are still unclear. 

Desperate to get anyone to see that Bathory is up to no good, Jedikiah first tries convincing Stephen by forcing him to reveal his powers to his little brother. When that doesn't work, Jedikiah reaches out to John and asks for his help. Taking John back to see Roger's body, Jedikiah tells him he has the means to bring back their leader. But before they can act, Stephen is convinced to step into Bathory's machine and sees his father in Limbo. The only trouble is, Roger isn't happy to find out how his son got there. Before Roger can explain, Stephen is yanked back to reality. 

The Tomorrow People
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