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Buck wakes up next to his girlfriend, Pammy.  He leaves early and starts to run when he wakes up as Tara. When Tara gets home her sister is waiting to show off her new engagement ring.  Charmaine asks Tara if she can stay at her place during the course of her engagement because she wants to virginalize herself.  Tara has no choice but to accept.

Kate leaves to go to work and Charmaine offers to take Marshall to school. 

At work, Kate realizes that this lady owes over thirty grand. She decides to go visit this woman and becomes in awe of who she is.

At school, Marshall joins a GLBTA group and Courtney wants them to have letter for her (straight, but stands up for gays). Marshall sticks up for her and lets the group know that they shouldn’t outcast anyone.

Tara and Max head to the Hubbard house and Max tells Tara that he wants to buy it. Tara tries to reason with him, but they break into Air Supply - All out of Love and the realtor walks in. Before they have a chance to discuss it further, Max tells the realtor that they will buy it.

Marshall is in gym when his gay friend questions him again about his sexuality. Marshall is confused and doesn’t want to be compared to him.

Tara and Charmaine head to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner when Tara runs into Pammy.  Pammy makes Tara realize that she is loosing time again.  Tara freaks out and realizes that she doesn’t want her family to know.

Marshall brings Courtney to dinner and then they go upstairs and play Ouija board. After a bit of time they start to heavily make-out.

Tara realizes that Buck is there and after Max goes next-door, Tara alters back into Buck. Buck goes to visit Pammy and they get it on. The next morning Tara freaks-out when she wakes up. She leaves in a hurry.

United States of Tara
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Yeah that's me, I am a working girl now.


We were raised to believe we should eat dog sh*t and you get use to eating dog sh*t.