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Season two starts with Tara and her family donating all her personalities clothing.  It has been over three months since her last change. 

Everything is running smoothly until their neighbor commits suicide. Outside, the family runs into their neighbors – a gay couple. Tara schedules a dinner party to get to know them.

Kate ends up getting her GED so that she can graduate early and look for a job.  She finds one that peaks her interest. Going into the interview, she thought it was a spy job, but ended up being a debt collection agency. 

At her new job, Kate does extraordinarily well – scoring points right away and making a name for herself.

Meanwhile, back at school, Marshall is dealing with trying to figure out his sexual identity. The gay guys tell him to sit with them at lunch. They get into a conversation about the carnations and how the gays should be able to give purple flowers to each other.

The next day, Marshall goes to school and hands out purple flowers to his gay new friends.

Tara’s sister, Charmaine, goes to dinner with her boyfriend, Nick. He proposes to her in her glass of champagne.  Charmaine happily accepts.

Max and Tara head out to grab a drink at a local dive bar. Max tells Tara to think about buying the recently dead guy’s home.  At the bar, the bartender gives Max a flirtatious smile that Tara catches.

That night, Tara throws her dinner party with her neighbors. Somehow they get to talking about how the neighbor killed himself. Tara is obviously quite upset about this, so Max quickly tries to change the subject.

The next day, Tara goes over to the empty house to check it out and something inside her cracks.  She goes back to the bar that she was at earlier as Buck and flirts heavily with the bartender.

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

It's an apron relax.


Send a red carnation from your little closet.

Marshall's school friend