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Max is working on demolition to their new house they bought.  Tara comes over and Max demands to know more about Pammy. He tells her that she must have known about Pammy and she admits to knowing something and lying to her. This brings about a mix of heat emotions and they do it outside in the lawn.

Tara meets up with her neighbors and they offer her a book to read - in between going to the therapist.  Tara has a flashback of when she was a child getting lectured by an adult.  She sets up an appointment to meet with her.

Meanwhile, Kate and Lynda are bonding over the new hobby of painting the princess. They decide to make a movie about the princess. Her car gets flooded and Max and Tara go to pick it up. When they get there, Tara meets with the lady and becomes infatuated.

Marshall and his girlfriend Courtney play hooky to go have sex. She tells him that it should be hard first.  The sex is extremely awkward and they quickly leave to go back to school.

When Marshall gets home, he admits to his father that he is gay. Marshall tells Max that he thinks he should tell Tara that he beat up Sully.

Charmaine and Nick go to the Hubbard house and tell them that they are pregnant and want to buy the Hubbard house from them.

Later that night, Max comes clean about beating up Sully.

The next day, Max gets to the Hubbard house and hears Tara’s voice in the background. He walk in on Tara’s new alter dressed like a fifties hippy going over notes.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

On you know what I realized this morning? My bedroom window overlooks the Hubbard backyard and it has quite a view!


Tara: What happened to your neck?
Max: A door-to-door werewolf.