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The third season wasted no time dropping us into a new main plot: Tara never finished her degree and wanted to return for a final semester in order to earn it. But Max was hesitant about the plan and we soon learned why:

Years ago, Tara was forced to drop out of school when she attempted suicide. Max was afraid of a similar development - and maybe he had a right to be.

The episode ended with him asleep and Tara going into some trance, suddenly typing our curses and even grabbing a letter open and cutting her wrist... until all of Tara's alters returnwd to help her finish the paper her psychology professor (Eddie Izzard) required for her entry into his class.

- Kate couldn't get a job because her Internet past wouldn't go away.
- Charlene, clearly affected by the revelation that she and Tara were molested by a half-brother named Bryce, couldn't commit to Neil, no matter how nice he was being during her pregnancy. She did allow him to move in, however.
- The episode started with Buck holding a gun to the head of a man named Bryce. But it was a different Bryce and Tara told Max she had no memory of going into the town where Buck got a speeding ticket.
- Marshall and Lionel appeared to be doing very well, although the former did not want to use the label "boyfriend."

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