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During Christmas time, Nick has moved into the local Veteran's Housing, while Sarah is struggling since Katie moved in with Liam. 

Ron enlists Enzo's help in getting the perfect Christmas tree. The two end up lugging it across town, and eventually need Gabriel's help to get it into the apartment. 

After lying to Ron about being called into work, Patricia goes to a doctor's appointment and gets bad news about her tumor. While drinking at the bar alone, she's approached by a man who invites her to his hotel room. She instead returns home to attend her Christmas party. 

Sarah goes to Nick and apologizes for telling him to leave. 

Sarah goes to Katie's ultrasound, and is surprised to see Claire there. Claire informs Sarah that Liam will be going to Berlin soon and she told Katie that she could stay with her. 

Nick is triggered by a snowglobe of the Manhattan skyline, so he travels to his old fire station. There he sees a picture of the man he's been having visions of. He surmises that his PTSD is being triggered by being back in New York. 

Dana goes to see Ben and runs into Ava instead. She later gives Ben her wedding ring, and he tells Ava that he will follow through with getting a divorce.  


The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sarah: I was angry, and I was drunk. I had no right to ask you to leave.
Nick: Sarah---
Sarah: But if you come back, I'm afraid she won't. So, I don't really know what else to offer.

How do you expect your daughter to forgive you if you're not willing to do the same for Nick?

Patricia [to Sarah]