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Sarah and Katie discuss her going to the doctors. While out, they run into Nick who went out for a jog and is struggling to walk. 

Gabe goes to Patricia and asks her to meet with Ava. She tells Ava that her ex-husband submitted fake paperwork to the United States on her behalf and Ava denies knowing that. 

Katie has an ultrasound and it's revealed that she is 14 weeks pregnant. The two argue, as Katie lied about just finding out she was pregnant. 

Enzo finds out he has a new roommate and tries to demand a change of rooms. 

Nick goes to Smalls to meet a friend from the military. His friend informs him that the made a mistake the day a friend of theres was killed in battle. 

While helping out at Smalls, Katie and Nick discuss the merits of war, and Katies tells him that she is pregnant. Overhearing part of their conversation, Sarah takes offense and confronts Nick back at his apartment. 

Ava has her bond hearing and Ben speaks on her behalf. Her bond is set at $10,000. 

Patricia tells Ron that her cancer has returned. 

Gabe invites Enzo to move in with him. 

The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sarah: You live here, you're family.
Nick: So I keep hearing.

Sarah: You're coming to work today.
Katie: Why?
Sarah: Because you were suspended. My little, pregnant vandal.