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Patricia completes her first round of chemotherapy, with everyone from the building taking turns visiting with her. 

Two months pass and Gabe is continuing to help Ava with her case. He suggests that they use the angle that Sammy will suffer if his mother is deported. She offers to reach out to her in-laws to see if they would sign a letter stating they would be unable to care for Sammy if she is deported. They decline. 

Patricia enlists Enzo to get her some marijuana to help with the chemotherapy side effects. 

Katie and Sarah meet with a prospective adoptive family, but she doesn't feel they are right. At school, Jagger shows Katie that someone set fire to her crochet heart and the pictures will be shown in an art gallery. Katie goes to the gallery and confronts the artist, Liam. 

Nick is having dreams of his time during war, and when he hears a drip in his apartment, he begins smashing the bathroom in an attempt to find the leak. Sarah asks Ben to talk to Nick, and he tells him about the death of his son and his struggles afterwards. 

Gabe meets a lawyer who is suing one of his father's clients, and after a rocky meeting, he asks her if she will help with Ava's case.

Patricia and Sarah go out for drinks, and while singing karaoke, Patricia becomes weak. She tells Ron that night that she no longer wants to do chemotherapy. 

Enzo meets a woman at his favorite restaurant, and after she leaves before revealing her name, he vows to find her. 

The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Sarah: I just need to know what dream to support, Katie.
Katie: I'll keep you posted.

Sarah: Honey, if you've changed you mind about adoption, we shouldn't put people through this.
Katie: They weren't right.
Sarah: Neither were the last four.
Katie: Placenta smoothie?
Sarah: It is a thing.
Katie: Called cannibalism.