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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Rick runs down Bob and shoots him.

Father Gabriel goes to the school where Gareth and his group was before leading a horde of walkers back to the church. He manages to escape with Michonne, Carl and Judith as Abraham and his crew return just in time.

They all head to Atlanta to rescue Beth.

Rick and his crew prepare for a trade.

Dawn, while talking to Beth, is attacked by another cop. Beth manages to shove him down an elevator shaft.

Dawn talks about things being necessary and Beth talks about getting out.

Carol wakes up.

The group makes the trade but Dawn demands to keep Noah.

Beth stabs Dawn, and Dawn shoots her.

Daryl shoots Dawn.

Before anything else happens, both groups call truce.

Rick and everyone leave as the church group shows up to see Beth dead.

Morgan continues to follow the survivors.

The Walking Dead
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