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Randall comes in. Kate says she was about to call him and tell him that Rebecca is back, is safe and resting. She wishes she could hug him but she doesn't know if he's COVID negative. Randall says he gets tested 3x a week and Beth has turned into Dr Fauci at home. He wants to see Rebecca. Kevin tells Randall they couldn't have known this was going to happen. Randall says it's all good. Kate thanks Randall for coming. Randall nods and goes upstairs.

William keeps staring at the baby and remembering Laurel giving birth.

Randall watches Rebecca. She's happy to see him. But he didn't bring the family. He says he wanted to be vigilant about COVID.  

Rebecca says she thought she saw William. She says she has been thinking about William since the conversation about the trial. Randall says they don't have to talk about that. She says if not now, when? She is itching. She has taken something for poison ivy. She asks again if Beth and the girls are here. Randall says no, next time.

In the waiting room, Jack runs after the doctor, who doesn't have an update. He doesn't know what to do. She suggests prayer and leaves.

Kevin closes his door and turns around and there's Kate. Kate says we have to talk to Randall. He's being weird with them both and with the world on fire we need to deal with this.

Miguel tells Toby that he knows there's no secret magic that would cure this but she seemed like herself again and now this. Toby says he's gonna try to say something meaningful. He says he takes an antidepressant, and a month after he started taking it, he found out he had automatic refills and it made him realize this was permanent. And the dr told him one day at a time.  He doesn't know how it feels to stare down Alzheimers but he knows how it feels to look at your life and see all the things you want from it and have them all seem unattainable. He encourages Toby.

The dr calls. Randall interrupts. He says ask about the allergy medication. Miguel finds out it could have been a bad reaction to the allergy medication. 

In the past, William goes to the chapel and prays for forgiveness.  He recalls Laurel crying with pain after the baby was born. She didn't want to go to the clinic because they would look at her funny because she's on methadone. She wanted heroin for the pain. Just one more time so she could be there for the baby.

William cries in the chapel. He can't do it by himself. He can't take care of him. He's so sorry.

He leaves as Jack comes in and remembers praying that his dad would change and that he gave up on everything when he didn't.  Jack says he kept trying to do what was right and be a better man than his dad. Did that make God laugh? He prays that God does not take Rebecca away from.him. 

Kate and Kevin didn't know the medications can interact that way. Miguel is grateful to Randall. Randall says since Rebecca is okay he's gonna take off. Beth and the girls are waiting for him. Kate goes after Randall and says she was hoping he and Kevin would talk. She says she's not taking sides. Randall says okay and starts to go. Kate asks if they're good. He isn't answering her texts and so on. She's worried about everything going on in the news. She's sorry. Randall says sorry about what? Kate is sorry about what's going on in the country. Randall says this isn't the first Black person to be killed on camera.  He was never able to talk about it when they were kids. 

Kate agrees.

Randall says he wants to comfort her but if he makes things better for her, where does it leave him? He's exhausted from trying to make things better for everyone else and he just wants to go home and be with his wife and his girls. Kate says okay. They say their I love yous and he says happy birthday and then Kate goes back in.

Jack paces back and forth outside. He makes a call at a pay phone. He calls his dad. His dad says it's been a while and asks if it's okay. Jack doesn't know. He asks what his dad used to pray for. His dad asks if he needs money. Jack doesn't know why he called. His father prayed his kids would turn out better than he did. Jack says he's trying.

There's a montage of Jack and Rebecca looking at the babies.

Kevin runs after Randall to tell him he's having a boy and a girl -- does Randall have advice? Randall says you'll let her get away with everything but her mom will fix your mistakes. Kevin says he might have found someone really special. Randall has to go. They say happy birthday and Randall takes off.

William remembers meeting Laurel for the first time on a bus as he travels alone. The bus driver tells him it's his stop but William says he's not getting off.

Randall drives home alone. He calls Dr. Lee. He says everything's all right but when they first met she pointed out how few Black men sought her out for therapy. He says he made a conscious choice to see a white female therapist. He doesn't feel comfortable talking to her about certain things. He needs something different. He wants a Black therapist and he wanted to let her know.  Dr. Lee says if that's what he feels strongly about she respects his decision. 

Rebecca comes down and Miguel is cooking.  Rebecca asks if this is what it will feel like when she eventually... Miguel says they don't have to worry about that today. Rebecca is worried about forgetting the little things. Times when the kids were little when nothing special happened.  Miguel wants to show her something. He takes her outside. He chopped down the dead tree and got her some seeds that will bear fruit in six to 10 years. 

Kate can't stop thinking about what Randall said. She just has to sit with these feelings a while. Toby says they'll get it all right raising their children. He says he got six messages from the adoption agency. They have a match. 

Randall blows out candles on a cake with his family.  Kevin sits with Madison and puts his hand over her belly. 

Beth gives Randall more cake. He says he's not having a breakdown. He's healthier than he's been in years. But what he's dealing with and what they're dealing with as a people is so tragic. Beth remembers her father saying when he was dying that tragedies define their lives. She thinks about that all the time. He was born out of multiple tragedies and look what he's made out of it.  Beth says this pain isn't forever, nothing is except them. 

After William takes off, the young EMT finds Laurel's pulse.


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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Beth: This pain is not forever. This moment is not forever. Nothing is forever. Except us.
Randall: We fight on.
Beth: We fight on.

Kate: I have tried to stay out of this, but Randall's acting all weird with me too, and he hasn't even done our birthday chant.
Kevin: Kate -
Kate: No, Kevin. The world is on fire. This is enough. Fix it.