On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4, Kevin struggles to figure out the next chapter in his life while Beth runs into a problem at her dance studio opening.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4 revolves around people making changes in their lives.

Kevin is shocked when he gets a text that The Manny has been cancelled. He takes Nicky to a meeting which turns out to be non-existent and runs into Cassidy, who is reeling because her husband wants a divorce. Cassidy rebuffs most of Kevin's attempts to relate to her since she doesn't see what's so important about The Manny. Meanwhile, fans constantly recognize Kevin and compliment him on that final scene in the pilot.

Elsewhere, Randall and Beth must deal with a bad smell at the dance studio hours before the opening, and it doesn't help that Beth's mom is there. Beth's mom thinks they should reschedule, but Randall refuses to accept that.

Malik stops by and Randall learns he has a daughter, which makes him unacceptable as far as Randall and Beth go.

Meanwhile, Toby and Kate take Jack to a music class for babies, but Jack cries when the teacher tries to sing to him and they end up taking him home. Kate and Toby argue in the car, but come up with a new idea to help stimulate Jack without scaring him.

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On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4, Kate and Toby share new experiences with Baby Jack while Kevin reflects on his past, and Beth's mom comes to visit.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kevin: They cancelled The Manny.
Nicky: That thing is still on?
Kevin: I can't believe it's finally over. It was eight years ago I shot the pilot.
Nicky: I never saw it. Saw a commercial once though. You were drinking out of a baby bottle.

Kevin: I have plenty of money and it's a good cause.
Nicky: I'm not a cause.