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Reminiscent of Togetherness Season 1 Episode 2, "Ghost in Chains" opens with Brett hiking to record nature sounds. He comes upon a woman nestled in a hole under some branches. After helping her out, the woman Linda shares her New Age spiritual wisdom with him. 

She tells him he is a "ghost in chains" and sets his spirit free. She asks him if he feels better now, and he tells her that he does. Knowing he isn't telling the truth, she asks him why he felt the need to tell her he felt better if he doesn't. He is ruled by politeness and decorum and doesn't understand her free-spirited honesty.

Meanwhile, Tina doesn't understand why Alex is upset with her. Michelle tells her it is because she only calls him when she needs something and appears to take advantage of his feelings for her. During their conversation, Michelle receives a text message from David, who tells her to meet him at a potential charter school location.

At the building, she finds David moving furniture to reach a blocked door in one of the rooms. With the close proximity, it is clear that Michelle is attracted to him. When they reach the door and learn it is locked, she comes up with a way to create a makeshift crow bar to open it – a task that requires them to be in even closer contact. After all their work, the door ends up being to a closet. Womp womp.

Later, over lunch, David casually mentions a trip to Sacramento on behalf of the charter school. While it is a business trip, Michelle seems excited by the prospect.

To make amends with Alex, Tina secures him a role in Larry's next movie. She tells him, as a technicality, he has to record an audition tape. He later learns that the role is for the "comical, chubby best friend." After all his work to pursue "leading man" roles, he feels that this part would be a setback. He walks into the audition and reads for the other character, Vlad. After the audition, he tells Tina that he is done with her.

At work for 15 hours, Brett is tired and hungry. The director is late and disrespectful of the sound mixers' time. He finally reaches his boiling point and walks out, meeting Linda for a full moon hike. She wants him to get into the hole where he found her at the start of "Ghost in Chains," but he declines. He is adamant about staying out of the hole, shouting all of the reasons why it will not happen. But in the end he submits to her request, descends into the hole and allows her to cover him with branches. 

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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You're like a ghost in chains.


What am I suppose to do? He's so high maintenance.