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After an emotionally difficult first therapy session, Togetherness Season 1 Episode 5 opens with Brett and Michelle reflecting on how they should spend the rest of their day. 

Michelle asks Brett what he would do if he could do anything. He answers that he would spend the afternoon on the third floor of Barnes & Noble reading Dune with a cup of peppermint tea. Michelle is horrified to learn that his dream day includes hiding away so no one can find him. 

She shares that he perfect day would include drinking beer and playing kickball in the park. Even though Brett doesn't want to be around people, Michelle decides to plan an afternoon with all their friends. 

To get a little time alone to decompress, Brett enlists Alex to collect the supplies, while Michelle attempts to claim the field and hold the space until everyone arrives. Unfortunately, a group of twentysomething hipsters has a similar plan, only they reserved the field in advance for a game of kick the can.

Brett is enjoying a little relaxation time in his car when Tina interrupts and orders him to pull it together. She doesn't want to be there either, but she is going to fake it for Michelle's sake and he should do the same.

When the hipsters won't be bought with movie passes or a Jamba Juice gift card, Michelle challenges them to a game of kick the can. They unwillingly accept and the two groups become better acquainted over the bonding activity of shotgunning beers. 

When the group disperses to hide, Tina and Alex end up taking cover behind a shed. Tina uses this opportunity to question Alex' opinion of her new beau Larry. Alex insists that he is not jealous, but it comes off a little too defensive to be true. He is saved from the conversation when Brett and Michelle crash their hiding spot.

After Alex and Tina make a break for it, Brett admits to Michelle that he is 100% faking his enjoyment. He doesn't understand how she can so easily have fun in the midst of so much emotional turmoil. To put an end to his misery, he turns himself in and takes a seat in kick-the-can jail.

Alex and Tina, meanwhile, have taken cover in a closet while being pursued by the head of the hipster group. A drunk Alex uses this close proximity to make his move and kisses her. They make out for a short time before Tina pulls away and slaps him. She storms out of the closet, exposing their hiding spot and landing them both a seat in jail.

Michelle is now the only one on her team left in the game. She is debating giving up, until she spots divorced dad and champion of charter schools David Garcia. He helps her devise a distraction so she can have a chance to win the game.

He turns on the sprinkler system, causing the hipsters to panic and disperse, and Michelle makes a dash for the can. She is nearly there when the hipsters catch on. However, Alex and Tina (breaking a few rules by leaving kick-the-can jail) act as her defensive line so that she can make it to the can. 

She kicks the can, symbolically winning the game, and everyone cheers. Even Brett, who is looking on from the sidelines, offers a smile. Until he sees that she is smiling at David, a scenario that will surely be addressed in future therapy sessions.  


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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Where do you go after World War III emotional bombing?


Before there were smartphones and electric cars, there was shotgunning beers.