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Michelle is hosting a fundraiser in support of the new charter school, but Brett wants to attend a party at Linda's house instead. Comparing his friendship with Linda to Michelle's burgeoning relationship with David does not seem to bring Michelle comfort. 

Meanwhile, Tina and Alex are ignoring each other and refusing to acknowledge the other's presence. Tina is helping with the fundraiser by providing the bouncy castle, which she clearly needs help assembling.  She refuses to ask Alex for assistance and turns down Larry's offers of help, as well. 

At Linda's house, Brett finds a communal gathering with people scattered throughout the living space. He meets Scott, who offers him some of his tea, spiked with mushrooms. Scott tells Brett that sometimes he needs "stuff" to enjoy life and stop being stressed.

Back at the fundraiser, Michelle asks Alex if he thinks Brett is okay. Later, Alex sees Michelle flirting with David and is visibly upset with this revelation.

Brett partakes in Scott's tea and opens up to Linda about the pressures of his life. He admits that he was criticized for his weirdness as a child and made to feel bad about it, but he wishes he could have embraced it. 

As Brett confides in Linda, Michelle is similarly sharing with David. She tells him of her problematic marriage and confesses to him that Brett didn't want to be at the party.

Brett calls Alex and throws up while on the phone. He ends up standing beneath an outdoor shower and all he wants to do is scream. Linda supports his desire and joins him. Alex pings Brett's phone and finds him, telling him that it is time to return home. 

On the ride back to his house, Brett asks Alex if he will still be his friend if he gets "weird." 

He attends Michelle's party tripping and wearing a bathrobe. He embraces David and asks him if he should be worried by his relationship with Michelle. Brett tells him that he is threatened by the connection that David shares with Michelle, who is his favorite person (along with Alex, and the horse he met earlier that day). 

When pulled aside, Brett tells Michelle that he doesn't want to fight because he is having a good day, which is rare. He tells her he loves her, but that they aren't good for each other at the moment. After all, they were both enjoying themselves until this conversation. 

As Tina is trying to throw away the broken bouncy castle, Alex sees her struggling and offers to help. She finally accepts and they take a drive to a dumpster. After tossing the castle, Tina breaks down and tells Alex that Larry wants her to move in with him.

Why wouldn't she do it, she wonders, considering she doesn't have a lot of skills and is sleeping on her sister's couch. Alex asks her if she loves him. She doesn't answer but says that she is going to accept his offer. 

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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm sensing a presence. Do you have the number for Ghostbusters?


I'm just not really interesting or cool or deep. I'm not really good at anything. That's the bottom line.