Betty deals with her trio of problems: Daniel, Christina and Henry, Alexis has sex for the first time as a woman, Amanda meets a new designer, and Santos proposed to Hilda!

"Punch Out"

In Punch Out, Daniel meets a very young model, Betty and Christina go clubbing, Wilhelmina seduces Bradford, Alexis looks for a secret room, and Constance tries to marry Ignacio.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Daniel and Alexis try to be Editors in Chief but competition gets the best of them. When Marc's mother is in town, he tries to use Betty as his new beard.

"Icing on the Cake"

In Icing on the Cake, Daniel tries to hide Claire from Grace, Betty invites a date to Charlie and Henry's party, and Wilhelmina hatches a plan to push Alexis and Daniel apart.


In Derailed, Betty meets Henry's ex-girlfriend Charlie, Marc tries to befriend Christina, Wilhelmina and Alexis have a girls night out, and Daniel tries to get Grace Chin to represent her father.


In Brothers, there's a power struggle at Mode when Alexis returns, Henry asks Betty out on a date to see Wicked, and Justin gets into a fight at school.

"I'm Coming Out"

In Episode 14, Hilda works with Betty at Mode and Alexis makes her grand entrance at Fashion Week.

"In or Out"

In Episode 13, Wilhelmina and the bandaged woman plot to find out who's in and who's out in the new regime. Daniel meanwhile returns from his vacation to come back to Mode and hires Betty back.

"Sofia's Choice"

In Episode 12, Daniel proposed to Sofia, Wilhelmina and Ted try and make a relationship work, and Christina and Betty investigate Sofia's ex, Hunter.


Swag, which aired as the 11th episode, is meant to be the 4th episode. In it, Christina is giving away the swag from the Mode closet and Daniel has to use his own money to take a designer, Oshi, out.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Snow is a magical blanket, it hides what's ugly and makes everything beautiful


Don't you look... sweaty